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Centro Regional de Estudios Estratégicos en Seguridad - CREES


We are in a world where globalization, technological breakthroughs, open borders policies, regional integration and the end of the cold war have brought about a new strategic scenario in which conventional and non-conventional risks come together.

States and their citizens are constantly threatened by criminal phenomena transcending international borders and shaping as factors for national, regional and hemispheric instability with the potential to destabilize the region.

Trafficking in illicit drugs, arms, explosives and human beings, as well as terrorism, organized crime, land mines, mass-destruction weapons and Cyber War are real threats to the ordinary lives of our citizens.

Moreover, tasks such as natural and strategic resources protection, disaster and humanitarian crisis prevention and response, as well as an efficient management of issues regarding national security and defense, have an increasing importance to our nations as fundamental elements for protecting their citizens. 

Given the changing nature of threats and challenges to security and defense in our region, as well as our conviction that constructing shared visions and exchanging learned lessons –on top of regional cooperation– are fundamental elements for an adequate prevention and response, the Ministry of Defense of Colombia and the Colombian War College (ESDEGUE) created the Regional Center for Strategic Security Studies (CREES in Spanish), conceived as an academic and research space for bringing together the different security and defense institutions and agencies, academia and international organizations in the Western Hemisphere interested in understanding the regional current and future strategic scenarios as well as the research and the developments in doctrine issues and security and defense policies, including comparative analysis of common problems for the region.

The CREES is aimed to be a highest-level center for strategic thinking on security and defense, where joint, coordinated and inter-agency efforts for analyzing and preventing new threats to security and defense are promoted. 



La Escuela Superior de Guerra, es una institución de educación superior militar, que capacita a los Oficiales Superiores de las Fuerzas Militares, a los futuros Generales y Almirantes del Ejército Nacional, la Armada Nacional, la Fuerza Aérea Colombiana, y a personalidades de alto nivel de la sociedad colombiana, sobre temas de seguridad y defensa nacionales, para así fortalecer los canales de comunicación e integración.